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New battle mode

Post by desatixix » Tue Dec 03, 2019 12:56 pm

I came up with a new mode
It will look something like this:
To each player (maximum 2)
given, for example, 30 moves. There is currently only one player on the map, except for mobs (more on that later)
The player has 5 centers, and the player must develop over 30 moves, produce troops, make improvements, and so on.
You can add mobs to the map, which if you win, you can get a special unit (take from the hero editor, for example)
or unique technology.
(for example, +1 armor for everyone, but at the same time, you can explore the technology of the race, which also gives this bonus, and their bonuses add up.
At the end of 30 moves, both players place their troops on a common map, on which there are no producing buildings, and here the players fight.
For elves, apparently changes are needed so that they can resist everyone in the open field
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