Delayed, yet sped up, multiplayer warfare

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Delayed, yet sped up, multiplayer warfare

Post by LagitKiller » Thu Mar 10, 2016 3:37 pm

My friends and I have played where we set tcs and boundaries for each player and prohibit attacking each other for the first fifteen turns. This better mimicks real warfare, where defenses and armies are often built up before the outbreak of war. However, sometimes someone forgets to stand ground on a unit, plus it takes long to start the battle.
It would be nice if there was a mode that made this easier, and if it could be sped up it would be even better. This mode could be an option when setting up the game called "delayed warfare" and consist of:

- TCs assigned to each player by the host
- Boundaries for each player predetermined by the host
- Attacking disabled for 15 turns

Since attacking would be disabled and boundaries set, the first 15 turns could be carried out in any order, even simultaneously, by all the players, with say a 3 or 5 day time limit on completing them. This would speed up the battle greatly.

I imagine this would require much coding and have no idea how much the dev would be willing and able to do. It might not be possible at all, but could you do it daniel, and is there support for this idea?

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Re: Delayed, yet sped up, multiplayer warfare

Post by DoomCarrot » Thu Mar 10, 2016 4:45 pm

I think this would be an awesome gamemode!

Coding for each player to start with tc's wouldn't be too hard, as the generation system is already based around each player and their position on the map I'm pretty sure (not positive, but it seems this way).

As for a delay, I imagine this also would not be too difficult to implement.

However, this gamemode would add a whole new element to the game... Having assassins and spies deep in enemy territory before the fighting even breaks out, blocking off opponent's routes without fighting, etc. Very interesting idea, kudos :)
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Re: Delayed, yet sped up, multiplayer warfare

Post by CelticWarrior » Fri Mar 11, 2016 12:02 am

I think this is a great idea. It would also help give the multiplayer part of the game some variety.

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