Burning stone?

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Burning stone?

Post by Sunrise Samurai » Fri Nov 04, 2016 6:50 pm

Stone piles, stone shelters, and volcanoes really shouldn't be effected by fire, especially not from mere fire arrows. I understand most buildings, even castles, burning, but not these. Stone shelters and volcanoes even have lava inside them, so I should think they would be fireproof in the initial design, and stone piles are just a mass of rocks, with nothing to burn.
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Re: Burning stone?

Post by Alpha » Fri Nov 04, 2016 8:14 pm

I agree with Samurai.
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Re: Burning stone?

Post by Alexander82 » Fri Nov 04, 2016 8:16 pm

I think it makes sense
To be honest fire arrows aren't actually a great issue (considering how better are siege units) but if Daniel agrees it might do it in his free time
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Re: Burning stone?

Post by MightyGuy » Fri Nov 04, 2016 10:55 pm

what do you think sir Daniel?
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