Aura buildings - orc

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Aura buildings - orc

Post by Sunrise Samurai » Sun Sep 03, 2017 11:08 pm

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Sunrise Samurai wrote:Other races may be more themed to the race. For example, a shamanic theme for orcs I was thinking.

Flame totem
5 cost
10 hp
Fire prevention aura: same as well
Fire aura: inflicts fire on applicable enemies once each turn. Radius 3

Very quickly becomes painful if left to work, but easy to kill, expensive, and can be thwarted with some repair units. Also keeps nearby buildings safe from fire effects like the human well.

Healing rune
3 turn cost
15 hp
Healing aura

Obvious purpose, keeps allies alive to defend base and provides a place to come heal.

Silence totem
5 turn cost
10 life
Silence aura: all magic based spells, or if too hard to code all spells in general, of enemy units are placed in a one turn cooldown each turn within the radius, radius being 7 to stop fireballs from killing it.

Completely neutralizes mages, mummies, druids, wizards, healers, and liches anywhere nearby, but again expensive and easy to destroy.

Courage totem
4 cost
10 hp
Morale aura, same as statue.

Slightly cheaper than a statue, but easier to kill.

You may notice the orc aura buildings are powerful, but fragile to reflect their lack of building expertise and emphasis on offense over all else.
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