Goblin Trapper

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Goblin Trapper

Post by Sunrise Samurai » Fri Jun 26, 2015 2:49 pm

I had originally posted this in the axe thrower section as an idea to add more support capability to the orcs and give them a good answer to flying units, but as EJM29 pointed out, it may do better on its own topic, so here goes a more fleshed out, detailed part of it.

Goblin Trapper
2 cost
11 hp
1 power, poison effect on hit
3 range
0 armor
0 pierce armor
3 speed
high sight, say 8-9
0% spell resistance
1x1 size
Net- traps enemy unit for 2 turns, acts like curse to remove chance to move or counterattack, but also removes flying based damage reduction. 2 turn cooldown. Keeps cavalry still long enough to take them down and acts as a good way to stop a lone eagle or ornithoptor from taking down a swarm of orcs without requiring a large sacrifice to summon a dragon.
Disarmor- same as human mage. Removes the enemy's armor to allow more powerful orc units to have a good chance to one shot moderate life enemies and lets more powerful enemies like vampires be defeated without the heavy losses that would otherwise be expected.
Molotov Coctail- causes some damage and inflicts burning to applicable units or buildings. This gives another way to take down buildings than simply bashing them to death. May not be the strongest way to do it, but it beats trying to sneak melee units around impassible terrain and straight through the enemy soldiers to reach that fortress that keeps raining down arrows on your troops.

In short, It is a good support unit for front line assistance, filling in some key roles that orcs lack and making a great scout unit without being op. obviously, it is almost certain to die in one shot to almost anything, and can't cause much damage on its own, but with the right troops in front of it this could easily turn the tide of a hard battle.
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