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Re: Mummies

Post by General Brave » Sat Jan 12, 2019 8:09 pm

Sad but okay.
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Lynx Shafir
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Re: Mummies

Post by Lynx Shafir » Sat Jan 26, 2019 9:54 am

Here's this "apperive"


Counting as elemental
can be constructed
Additional tech
Will have an important role in a summon
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Re: Mummies

Post by Typhoon » Wed Apr 10, 2019 12:55 pm

Glorious job!
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Re: Mummies

Post by Midonik » Wed Apr 10, 2019 1:21 pm

Wouldn't it be better if it was vertical? It's like top point of view. No other unit has such, I think it will stand out in a negative way. Besides it's great.
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