More abiliy text in unit info

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More abiliy text in unit info

Post by Detros » Fri Aug 11, 2017 8:24 am

It seems to me hiding information about how abilities of various units work from player doesn't fit the style of play when you can otherwise see the stats of all units. I think each unit info sheet should in few words explain all things special about given unit. This is currently done only for few units. I think there should be more text about various abilities of units than flavour text. Currently there often is lots of space on the left side of the unit stats table.

Ability text should be in neutral tone. Instead of short sentences it may be possible to have it in the style of one- or two-word tags.

flavour text example
  • heavy knight - "When knights get experienced in battle they become heavy knights. They can wield bigger swords and thus make more damage. Previous battles have made them also considerable more resilient."
ability text already partially in game
  • poison archer - "Attacks of this unit can poison the target, dealing 4 non-stacked damage per turn over 5 turns."
  • flail soldier - "Attacks of this unit are not diminished by the armor of target."
missing (few examples)
  • scout - "This unit can't capture TCs. This unit can see otherwise invisible units."
  • ornithopter - "This unit is flying so melee attacks do only 1 damage to it. This unit can't capture TCs."
  • shipyard - "Can be build only on water tiles. When destroyed all carried units are killed. Can produce units."
  • wagon - "Can carry up to 3 units. This unit is a wood unit so it can't be healed but can be repaired. Cannot enter forest tiles."
  • chariot - "Cannot enter forest tiles."
  • catapult - "All attacks of this unit are treated as melee attacks."
  • fire archer - "Attacks of this unit can lit the target on fire, dealing 4 stackable damage per turn over 5 turns."
example of tag approach
  • scout - "cannot capture, see invisible"
Do you think this is a good idea or do you think such information should stay hidden? I would vote for 1-3 sentences of flavour text followed with enough ability text to explain or special abilities given unit has. Things like "this unit is a cavalry unit and thus it is good against archers and infantry" are too generic and i don't count them to ability text.

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Re: More abiliy text in unit info

Post by LordOfAles » Fri Aug 11, 2017 8:50 am

Maybe there could be another thing in stats sheet called misc:(cant capture Tcs,...)
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