Votes on the "First turn advantage" - LMIP II) 1) h)

Suggestions about the gameplay, the controls, buttons and so on.

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Votes on the "First turn advantage" - LMIP II) 1) h)

Post by duneix » Mon Jan 09, 2017 9:52 am

This proposition comes from the List of major improvement propositions (LMIP) edited in 2017 :D

As in every turn based games, going first is usually a large advantage. In Hearthstone for example, this advantage is balanced somehow (no need to go deeper into how ;) ) ; would you have an idea to think about a small compensation? Is there any need for that?

Proposition 1
In 1 vs 1 game, I was thinking an extra dog for the 2nd one playing could be an idea to balance the game?

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