Cannon Shots

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Cannon Shots

Post by SirPat » Tue Dec 24, 2019 8:33 pm

different techs giving different cannon abilities!!! FYI for cannoneer & upgrade and Cannon ship & upgrade reasearchable both in port and seige workshop

BOMBS 5 turns too research needs gunpowder tech same with others

have 7 range have area dmg gives burning effect and increased bonus against buildings and ships

6 turns cooldown

CHAIN BALLS research 7 turns

Same range same dmg but gives "Broken sails" effect -3 speed on Ship types only except Row boat cause of "Lack of a SAIL"

5 turn cooldown

GRAPE SHOT research 8 turns

Have 14 dmg and 100%Bonus too Foot units
and Gives"Dead crew" effect to ships
-2 speed and -3 power

7 turn cooldown


dont need research
have 4 range and double dmg( cannon=20×2=40!!!)

3turns cooldown concidering the fact that you just need to put another cannon ball + because this is powerful = 3 turn cooldown

You guys decide the stats :mrgreen:
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