Siege weapons reload idea

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Siege weapons reload idea

Post by Papanurgle » Wed Mar 13, 2019 12:10 am

Hello fellow generals, I have been noticing you can win most things in this game with AOE catapults for mass troops and trebuchets for ruining any buildings your enemy has, plus deploying ballistas, that work like a "Machinegun" for felling entire troops.

You can exploit this even further with a large team of workers hammering away at your engines from scratch, rather than bothering with siege workshops for anything except upgrades (heavy catapult: the golden spoon of nukes)

My suggestion to fix this is to treat these weapons realistically and have then have a Reload period.

Trebuchets would have a long reload period, but would cause absurd damage (even higher than it is now)

Catapults would reload long, but not as long as trebuchets, and with the area damage they would cause buildings to be on fire (as to compensate for the slowness)

Ballistas would be the fastest reloaders.

I suggest this because if your enemy has enough siege weapons and a line of defenders just ahead of then; there is nothing you can do, its frustating to launch a desperate assault of fast cavalry only to see then instantly evaporated by shockingly accurate catapult blasting.

What you guys think?

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Re: Siege weapons reload idea

Post by Gral.Sturnn » Wed Mar 13, 2019 4:30 am

Sounds good ennough but having a unit with beyond 2 turns of cooldown might be problematic for the games meta, even though it can also prove to be beneficial

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