Nyadhos Strategy, Paths of the Dead question

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Nyadhos Strategy, Paths of the Dead question

Post by RBD » Tue Nov 04, 2014 12:00 am

I know when you destroy a Watch tower, depending on which one you destroyed, a fixed set of units will spawn in a fixed area ONCE (seems to happen for most/all destroyed Watch towers). I also know that if you move a living unit next to an enemy wall, the wall will disappear. Both of these things seem to be done by design. That aside, I haven't managed to explored this map fully without getting worn to nothing, and what I need to know is: Does the enemy have any unit-producing structures anywhere and/or have any worker/builder/villager units with which the AI could build towers/other stuff? It's pretty important to know if this is the case since it means I should probably find any of said structures/units and destroy them ASAP before I worry about anything else on the map.

Any other advice would be nice, but other than advice on where I go and when, I have a pretty good handle on the map since I'm pretty good with strategy in general, but this map is pretty brutal due to the fog of war + giant maze + randomly spawning units. I get that I can not get ambushed by units if I don't destroy watch towers until I'm ready to fight whatever might spawn when I destroy one, but that costs me valuable time and I need to be quick to finish this map in the turn limit to get the highest rating given how little I have to work with here.

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Re: Nyadhos Strategy, Paths of the Dead question

Post by COOLguy » Tue Nov 04, 2014 3:05 am


First check in Nyadhos. :) (Map 4 is really not all that hard).

There are no unit producers aside from the triggers. So breathe a sigh of relief! ;) There are two strongholds you should be aware of, though - 1) near the center of the map there are about 7 units together: these can be neutralized by the catapult from the road, so not to much of a problem here (a few units will utter chilling war cries in their death, but do not fear! :P ) - 2) [SPOILER ALERT] in the bottom right hand corner, there are a dozen enemies: THESE ARE MUCH MORE DANGEROUS, and cannot be reached by supporting fire from your artillery.

This map is a killer. The basic is to be careful to not get ambushed, so proceed with caution. Never stick your units out too far, because each one will be practically priceless to you.

Also AI has a weakness of no strategy. They like to attack. So if you face a foe too great for your beat up cavalry, it is in good order for you to retreat and lead them out where your more powerful backup awaits. Just don't get trapped!

BUT, if you want to win this map with all stars, then let me tell you it's tough. I can give you a few tips. Destroying all watchtowers is not necessary for victory (But I like to anyway to get the full meal deal). Then you will have less to fight and be ambushed with. Splitting up allows you to open up barriers quicker but is then it is easier to be picked apart. Keep your knights in good health, because even though it "wastes" time to return and heal up in your guard towers for half health , it is much better than being surprised and losing units. Other than that, I cannot help you unless you desire a cheat map with the maze and unit positions (which I can send/post).

To ease your pride, let me inform you that this map has (to my knowledge) been defeated in the time requirements only twice. If anyone has beaten this map in the turn limit, let me know! (and post a screenshot too.) ;)

Have fun!

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