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Post by Tankhead » Thu Jan 17, 2019 2:10 am

Hi and hello there, I just wanna mention something. I kinda already have in discord several times and sometimes here in topics but let me just say.
Lots of great ideas, but alot of those ideas require new mechanics, New abilities which requires new Jsons or file for itself.
Now, some of out there may say eventually it'll get it but I highly doubt it.
As you can see Alot of ideas has been sitting here for months to years and what do those pending ideas have in common?
New things which requires more work.
Now im not saying "stop making ideas with new mechanics or abilities" but don't expect anything that isn't in game yet to be in any time soon.
( Expect months to years if you do )
Now things that already exist in game ( abilities, mechanics) and you make an Idea out of that, that'll Probably get in a whole lot faster.
Some of you might say "Thats boring" or "Nothing wrong with new things" but sorry, as you can see the things that already exist gets in much faster than things that don't.
Actually I haven't seen the ideas with new mechanics or abilities even get in yet.
Be mindful of this and thank you
"The smallest pebble was once the biggest stone, the biggest stone was once bigger"

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