IMPORTANT - Neutral/Map Editor units

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IMPORTANT!: Every unit type and structure type should be in a separate topic.
So if you have a new unit idea than open a new topic for it!
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IMPORTANT - Neutral/Map Editor units

Post by Alexander82 » Mon Sep 02, 2019 2:52 pm

Since I've been asked often lately I think I will make some faqs related neutral "factions" and map editor units.

Q) Can I have my units in game available for map makers?
A) Yes, as long as the image quality is acceptable I have nothing against it.

Q) I want my unit to have these stats that ability. Is that fine?
A) Of course. A map editor unit don't need to be balanced in the same way of normal units. Of course it would make sense for them to have stats that can be compared to units that are made for normal games (e.g. A unit with 1000 power, range 20 and powerrange 5 100% would actually be useless even for map editor) but they can be stronger or have a mix of abilities.

Q) Here it is my image amd its stats. Can you put that in game?
A) No. The units need both a image and a json file. Editing a unit json is rather easy to learn so you can provide that together with the image ( @Stratego (dev) provided us with a forum section full of guides where you can also ask other forumers for help). If you want it to have abilities especially made for it it will be difficult but take it as a reason to learn how to write down jsons).

Q) I had made a tribe of *put a race* as a neutral faction but now you have added *that race* as a sub for one of the playable races. Can you remove that? I wanted them to be neutrals.
A) No. Playable races has always priority on map content. If you have created a wind dragons of the snowy desert and we decide to use that idea for the elven race, maybe with a new image, cause we think it fits the concept we will do it cause mapeditor units can't limit in any way what can be added in game as a playable unit. That doesn't mean that the neutral version will be removed (unless, for example, it is exactly the same unit) but the fact that I accept easily map editor comes from the fact that those pose no limits on further implementations. If it wasn't like that I wouldn't really accept neutrals unless explicitly needed for a map.
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