Sea Creature / Ancient Serpent

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Sea Creature / Ancient Serpent

Post by SirDoucheBag » Fri Dec 25, 2015 6:46 pm

The Ancient Serpent is a sea based monster that players may encounter in open sea combat. With the idea of using on a more water based map the creature is 3x3 tiles in size with incredible Defense and devastating attack. The Ancient Serpent is designed to challenge players the right to sail across open water. The serpent can move up to 15 water tiles in one turn and can attack 3 times in a row. Has a range of 5 tiles due to its serpent tenticles which it uses to damage and sink ships. Life of say 200 attack of 15 damage per hit with 35 defense against attack 15%chance to miss being in water and when life is below 50 hp it goes berserk doing 20 damage per hit. This creature is designed for players to team up against it assuming it will take several ships and / units to take down. Any player(s) who goes to fight this should have at least 20 war ships. ( I couldn't figure out wether to post this in units or game modes. Just tell me and if this is wrong place I'll transfer But yeah) I just threw out random data for the Ancient Serpent (Example purposes) I understand if you take this in you will work out the details I know..but yes the creature is not intended to be easy to fight and should be a challenge for 2-4+ players.
Based off of stories of ancient sea creatures. Greek mythology.
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