Basic necessities

Here talk about units and structures.
IMPORTANT!: Every unit type and structure type should be in a separate topic.
So if you have a new unit idea than open a new topic for it!
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Basic necessities

Post by Sunrise Samurai » Tue Jul 28, 2015 12:32 pm

Here is a small list of what I see missing from age of fantasy that isn't being discussed that much. Human doesn't have many problems, being the standard against which all others are compared and imported straight from AOS, but I'm including it for comparison.


Hand infantry factories:
Human: barracks- no real issues
Orc: camp- again no real issues
Elf: none- obvious problem.
Solution: hidden armory: 20 hp, 0 armor, 4 sight, 5 cost, produces hand infantry. Storehouse of ancient magic blades and mythril armor to use in times of war.

Because no matter what becomes of the current discussion regarding elf melee infantry, making them in TCs only doesn't help them be useful.

Undead: graveyard- small issue in that it produces cavalry.
Solution: probably find another place to put the undead cavalry. As it is I find skeletons fill most infantry roles, and keeping cavalry in the infantry building isn't going to encourage building more infantry to make it useful.

Ranged infantry factories:
Human: archery range- no issues
Elf: archery- no issues
Orc: none- obvious problem
Solution: pincushion stump: Stats identical to orc camp, produces ax throwers and any future orc ranged units. This large stump is riddled with holes and abandoned axes from being used as target practice. Occasionally a particularly stupid goblin dances upon it for a moving target.
Undead: none- obvious problem
Solution: not sure. There are no ranged units at all in undead, despite discussion of a skeletal archer. No units make having a building useless.

Cavalry factories:
human: stable- no issues
Orc: none- obvious problem
Solution: warg pens. Stats like every other orc building, perhaps add 10 attack to counterattack for 5 with. Put warg riders and their upgrade tech here. Home to the vicious wargs only the most foolhardy of goblins dare to train and ride.
Undead: none- obvious problem
Solution: rotting stable: as stable, but undead. Fixes the graveyard having cavalry. Old decaying stable held together by powerful necromantic magic, many horses are buried underneath to rise again.

Magic factories:
Human: mage's hut/church- small issue
Solution: the mage's hut should include healers so we can ditch the church or bring back templars to put in it. this also lets humans use healers a little more.

Orc: shaman hut- no issues
Undead: crypt- no issues
Elf: none- obvious problem
Solution: Floating Starbranch: 7 cost, 15 life, 0 armor, 2 movement, flying, 8 sight, produces wizards and druids. Yes, it is another moving factory, with its own implications, from a slow moving flying transport to high sight range that could make for interesting gameplay, but it also fills the role of producing magic units without designating only TCs to the task. Light as air and aglow with starlight, the Starbranch tree is a favorite place for Elven mage's to build their residences. A swift cantrip is all it takes for a wind to move the tree and ensure home is never far away.

Improvement buildings:
Human: blacksmith- no issues
All others: none- obvious problem
Solution: already discussed in elf blacksmithing topic, but cloning the human blacksmith system under other names with other reasoning, as follows.
Elf: dojo: a place where peace loving elves are given instruction in ancient martial arts to prepare for not so peaceful times.
Orc: goblin smith: home to more intelligent goblins who spend as much time informing orcs which end of a sword to hold as they do making the sword.
Undead: necromantic research tower: in this tower foul experiments take place on subjects living and dead to discover how to make stronger, more durable undead creations.

Defensive buildings
Great buildings:
Human: castle- no real unit production.
Solution: haven't gotten the human dragon, but I think it is made here. This aside, its a massive tower without a ton of gems to unlock dragons. Let's throw in trebuchets or something to give it a purpose the moment it is unlocked.
Orc: volcano- no issues
Elf: great tree- no issues
Undead: mansion- no issues

Human 1: guard tower. 2: fortress
Suggestions: none, absolutely perfect system here.
Orc 1: stone shelter. 2. None
Suggestions: in this case only one tower seems fine, but to seem more like a shelter, can we up the life to say 150, give it 3 armor, up the carry capacity to 3, and have the heal rate at 10. Obviously cost would go up, but it would noticeably improve survival rates of orcs that can retreat within it.
Undead 1: bone pile. 2: none
Suggestions: if the wall is made able to transform into a bone golem as we thought before, my only suggestion is to give the bone pile a spell: necromantic bolt, which does 5 damage to the victim regardless of armor. This allows it to attack without having a hard time explaining how it can think to shoot.
Elf 1: elf outpost. 2. None
Suggestions: give the outpost a second slot to carry a unit. As it stands a druid can give the same healing and effect to multiple units without compromising mobility. Other than that, I would like to see them get the wolf den, at 7 cost, 50 life, no armor, 1 carry capacity, 4 heal rate, 1 action per turn to use the summon wolf spell. It is no more powerful than the druid, but I think it would be a great addition to Elven defenses.
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Re: Basic necessities

Post by The Pendulum » Wed Dec 23, 2015 12:22 am

Good ideas. Guess we really only need artists to draw these things up. I have very little skill drawing buildings.

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Re: Basic necessities

Post by SirDoucheBag » Fri Dec 25, 2015 6:49 pm

I would be happy to help design images. I'm just unsure how I would proceed or get them to you.
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