Sky Elementals

Here you can discuss what kind of races should be in the game.
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Sky Elementals

Post by Ayush Tiwari » Mon Jan 01, 2018 1:28 pm

These are among the fastest races,which walk less and fly more.
Units-Sky Warrior(Basic unit),he flies very fast,and mostly gets affected from spells.He has no spl. Resistance.
Sky Titan-Strongest flying meelee,has 10% spl. Resistance,and is having look of Blue coloured flying unicorn.
Cloud magician-Here are the 3 spells it has:-
Thunderstorm like elf wizard.
Flood-Is like slowing,but also decreases armour by -1
Charge-Adds 12 HP.
Fog workers-Can become invisible for 1 turn with 3turns cooldown.But they cant capture tc in invisible mode
They construct structures.
Skyscraper-A place to construct the meelee units
Magic Tower-Can make sky mages and other magical units.

There are more but I want to see is this race good to be implented.
Also,all these units are bad in p.armour.
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