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Map Design - game templates

Post by Stratego (dev) » Wed Jun 12, 2019 8:04 am

There is a new feature that a modder can configure: Game templates.

When player wants to join a multiplayer game the multiplayerlist shows the joinable games, and if these template(s) are configured than the first few rows in multiplayer game list will be these templates.

hopes, advantage:
- people will have a feeling that there is always a game to play in multiplayer (even if it is not "open" actually, but it "seems open" as it were a joinable already created game)
- people will have an aid to easily create a game - click on the desired template and modify as u need and go.

- i designed it as it will be a good basis for "custom game templates" - when the player can make and save a game configuration and on game create just pull the settings from templates.

How is it working as a modder:
1. configure your game
2. and instead of Launch, you see a new "Template" button* under the Launch button, you press that, and send the upcoming email to yourself.
3. in email you see the game configuration (FOG/nr. of Towns/enable upgrades) in json form.
4. copy that json to the end of the others/maps.json in this format:

Code: Select all

"groups": [

           <copy here the first game template json>
           <copy here the secondgame template json and so on, separate them with commas>


(*Template button requires modders permission, ask the dev for one.)

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