Amazon Female Warriors - ANSWERED

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Amazon Female Warriors - ANSWERED

Post by Schloisser » Sat Mar 24, 2018 4:31 pm

Amazon - in Greece mythology is a clan of women-warriors.
The poem "Iliad" say that Amazons fight in the Battle of Troy. So, we have Batlle of Troy in AoS, and what if we can have Amazons?
Amazon Warrior fight like skirmisher, with javelins. There is states:
Amazon Female Warrior.
Cost: 5 turns.
Hp: 20
Attack: 6.
Range: 4.
Armor: 0.
Pierce Armor: 1.
Speed: 4.
Sight: 7.
Action/turn: 1/1
Spell resistance: 100%.
Have bonuses against:
Archer, P. Archer, F. Archer, Crossbowman, G.Crossbowman, Crusader Archer, Saracin Archer, Longbowman, Horse Archer, Mongolian Horseman, Heavy Horse Archer, Elefant Archer, Tanegashima Ashigaru: 100%. Also against: Chariot, Centurion, S.Hoplite, R.Legionary: 100%. And against: Roman Saggitarius, Chariot Archer is 200 %.
Deployed in regular TC and Archer Range.

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Re: Amazon Female Warriors

Post by COOLguy » Sun Jul 08, 2018 1:48 am

I will answer this (I think I have answered these topics before) Not to be mean, but keyword: mythology. Okay for AoF and half decent DC movies but I do not think it would be good for AoS.

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