multiple suggestions - ANSWERED

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multiple suggestions - ANSWERED

Post by ARK » Thu Jun 19, 2014 7:54 pm

Hello I'd like to recommend a few upgrade units you guys might want to add
1.lancer (good against all organisms but not machines orthonopter,catapult etc)
2.ballistic ( move 2 and is god agianst seige units and buildings and orthonaptor)
3.General(all surrounding units in a certain amount of tiles get a damage boost)
this one is probably not going to be acceptedbut
4.Tech:gunpowder(leads to cannon and musketmen)
Now thats out of the way
5.boarding ship(if brought within one tile of another ship it can capture and use the ship if it captured a transport the unit dies.if successful this ship disappears)
Also an extra can change the way the unit works and you dont have to use it I didn't want to sound like lwas telling you to add it.
6.a capture unit( a unit that can take a enemy building and use it if uses up the unit thus making it disappear)
7.pyromancer(a unit that can damage any unit but sea and sir units and has a range of 3 tiles this also includes buildings except a harbor it wil set fire to units and buildins doing damage over time unlike the poison archer it can also damage buildings)
Last but not least....
8.elite worker (takes 6 turns to build and does everthing a worker can do but twice as fast)
If you want to any of them I would be very happy and if you do give me a shout out
Good luck with your work and keep working hard I can't wait to see more.
-ARK(multiplayer player name):D units 1 extra sight
10.spotter(specicalizes in sight basicly like a portable watch tower) unit simlar to swords men only more defense relies on a giant shield and uses shield bash to kill enemys)
12.patricians(rome's elite soilders stronger then swords men weaker then a spartan but stronger then a templare)
13.pikemen (same as a spearmen but better def and even more bonus aginst calvery)
14.building:outpost(has the abilitys of a archery range,barracks,stable takes 7 turns to build)

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Re: a list of units you might want to add

Post by Stratego (dev) » Thu Jun 26, 2014 6:11 am

we will need to split all thee ideas but i am in a rush now so i put here another idea list to be split:

from Storgar The Viking:
Some ideas for the game -which i am enjoying very much :)

A tech called engineering that allows +1 speed to seige equip and it is researched in the seige workshop.

New tech called precision that increases the accuracy of catapults and trebs by 50% researched in seige workshop.

New unit called Ballista - fires a large arrow, made in siege workshop and TC, cost 6 turns, HP16, attack range 9, power 12, armour 0, pierce armour 4, movement 1, sight 8, only effects the target unlike catapult that effects area around.40% conv res, bonuses 50% on all troop types, 0% on all buildings. Need ballistics to build.

A tech called Marching researched in barracks that gives +1 speed to infantry

A tech called Riding Skill researched in stable gives +1 speed to horses

A new unit called chariot, trained in stables, cost 8 turns, HP 45, Power 14, attack range 1, Armour 4, Pierce armour 3, movement 4, sight 5, same bonuses as cavalry.

A new tech called telescope, gives +1 sight to all units. researched in TC.

Also just to let you know i have set up a page on the video games section of board game for the game - it is awaiting approval.

Hope you like some of my suggestions :)

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Re: a list of units you might want to add

Post by Azteca » Tue Aug 05, 2014 5:28 am

Archers should have a upgrade where they could shoot fire arrows only on warship.

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Re: a list of units you might want to add

Post by COOLguy » Fri Mar 02, 2018 6:06 pm

marking this answered

multiple topics. If you see any you like, please make separate topics for them!

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