March 2016 Unofficial Tourney Status! *FINISHED*

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Re: March 2016 Unofficial Tourney Status!

Post by DoomCarrot » Wed Jun 01, 2016 6:50 pm

*finishes reading, heart starts racing, eyes dart back and forth, begins hyperventilation and falls over, gasping for air*

The day is coming when a single carrot, freshly observed, will set off a revolution.

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Re: March 2016 Unofficial Tourney Status!

Post by Avalyn » Thu Jun 02, 2016 12:21 am

Istan quete ya merin, ar la hanyuvatyen.

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Re: March 2016 Unofficial Tourney Status!

Post by COOLguy » Thu Jun 02, 2016 4:07 am

Well, first I must bring us up to speed. :) You will all recall that fateful morning - a row of champions staring across the table. They all knew blood would be spilled, and were ready for it to begin. Communists, patriots, kings, and dictators alike were ready to strive for the glory of being the AoS (informal) Champion. The prize in GEMs was nothing compared to the lure of glory that brought together this illustrious crew. Old Timers and newbies were brought together and many were matched for the first time together.

Round one found the Communist Alliance embroiled in a civil war - this battle of ego and prestige weakened the alliance and contributed to its eventual downfall. Eventually the senior member, the notorious DCPR, was 'nominated' as the victor to carry the red torch onward through the tourney. However, this weakened the commies chances of victory.

A friendly battle ensued between a new face, First-Speaker, and the old hand, our Design Leader - COOLguy! Both left the arena in good shape, on good terms, and wiser.

A clan of the Alefolk was defeated by the developer, Daniel. Daniel's army and strategy compelled Hardeep to acknowledge the supremacy of Daniel the dev. This unfortunately lowered the chances of the COOLALEISHAW Federation for the top spot.

Simultaneously, Veteran RiverRaider 1097 confronted LagitKiller. This was an epic and well balanced battle. In the bloodbath and deadlock that lasted for weeks, LagitKiller was dubiously crowned the winner. The worn but triumphant heroes faced off yet again.

In round two, COOLguy the Mighty, put down a Carrot invasion into the River COOLfront. By stunning tactics, COOLguy outmaneuvered the DCPR's underfed and demoralized troops. This masterful success led to the current demise of the DCPR's influence over weak nations, reducing the need for the COOLprotectorate. The stylin' strategist countered ship spamming and ruined the dreams of a communist shampion. ;) DoomCarrot was reported to have been haunted by a malevolent formerly known as sb.

Daniel the dev also experienced success in his battle with LagitKiller. After a protracted war, Daniel was determined to be the winner. It was an extremely hard fought victory, determined n the end by one castle. After years of training and fighting, Daniel the dev was on his way to becoming the informal champion of his own game. There was only one thing left in his way: his close associate, COOLguy. The battles took a short interregnum as each toook their time to study their opponent and possible tactics. The two Titans opened their game as the world held its breath. Every one and their proverbial dog made predictions on the outcome. Most placed Daniel ahead, with one even predicting COOLguy's demise before 20 turns. The actual battle remained to be fought. There was only one question left to be answered: WHO WAS THE (informal) CHAMPION OF AoS!?!

The map "Circle of H***" was chosen as the ring of Destiny. Fate smiled on the two young warriors as they marshaled their forces and the Valkyries readied their wings. The map was small, ensuring a quick battle. The revealed terrain assured transparency on all sides. The presence of few towns kept the war focused.

COOLguy was placed due north of Daniel. Two small towns were flung to the far west - a lure for the brave or foolhardy. At turn five the war was looking rather even. Both sides had managed to occupy the three towns near their respective start places. However, COOLguy had a slight material advantage, since he had managed to enter all three of his towns before Daniel had.

By turn 9, COOLguy added a spatial and production advantage to his forces by occupying the outlying SW town. Daniel gathered a light cavalry, a few pikemen, and half a dozen archers, determined to assault his foe. COOLguy needed only a scant few turns to solidify his advantage, but Daniel was determined that he should not get it. Daniel was determined to dismantle COOLguy's thing front.

A few turns was all it took for this assault to take its toll. The civilian brigade worked frantically to construct defenses, anything to buy time to turn the tide. However they were forced to surrender a town, leaving Daniel with a production advantage. Daniel unconventionally took advantage of this and added to it by using spies to hinder production on the COOLfront. With too few resources spread too thin, COOLguy was mostly helpless. Still his men fought on. Finally Daniel's assault team launched an all front attack, even bridging a river. The capital fell, and COOLguy was left in exile in the SW corner determined to hold on as long as possible... or at least 20 turns.

The assault was not long in coming. Daniel mobilized his entore force to level this stronghold. A desperate defense was maintained, but only for a time. At turn 23, COOLguy was utterly defeated and

(I took the liberty to record parts of my turn. I will probably post what I have to YouTube - you have to see it to really experience it)

(In all honesty, I played similarly as I did against First-Speaker; but where FP was intimidated, Daniel gathered his troops and struck. I simply was beat.)

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Re: March 2016 Unofficial Tourney Status!

Post by Hardeep » Thu Jun 02, 2016 5:33 am

All hail victory!
Daniel has proven why he is THE dev!
All doubters come forth!
There never was much hope... just a fool's hope

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Re: March 2016 Unofficial Tourney Status!

Post by First_Speaker » Thu Jun 02, 2016 11:01 am

First_Speaker wrote:Daniel won
Told you ;)
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Re: March 2016 Unofficial Tourney Status!

Post by DoomCarrot » Thu Jun 02, 2016 11:58 am

Epic! Fascinating! Incredible! :lol:

Seriously, great way to end this tournament with a bang. Brackets are updated, as always ;)
The day is coming when a single carrot, freshly observed, will set off a revolution.

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