Entwicklung Series

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Entwicklung Series

Post by DoomsdayDragonfire » Wed Jul 10, 2019 12:29 am

Or E-Series (E-10, E-25, E-50, E-75, E-100)
Is a late-war project of Germans to turn out the tides of war, standarizing their complex production lines to a more simple lines to reduce metal waste and unecessary expenses, this newer technical project would improve the use of materials by creating more simple and less expensive vehicles with trade-able parts. These vehicles would be cheap, and simple to build, but keeping and slightly improving the efficiency of their newer vehicles compared to the precursors.

The E10 is a small but very fast moving turretless vehicle able to carry up to 3 crew members based on pz38(t), it would carry the 7,5cm AT gun on a stug IIIb alike "boxy" design but having frontal slopped armor.

The E-25 codenamed hetzer (like the TD prototype of same name), is a turretless tank based on the sucess that was the stug tanks, carrying the most advanced 7,5cm AT gun, wide tracks of tiger II and very, very small profile with full slopped armor. It was as tall as a civilian car and designed to be more agile than the most tanks around, the idea was to use it to ambush allied tanks from far away, but also rush and flank the target if needed.

E-50 Designed to be a fast medium tank to substitute the New Panther II, based on Tiger II hull but with less armor and better engine, to ensure good mobility... It could be fitted one 8,8cm AT gun or 10,5cm AT gun, an extended schmalturn turret and a much better engine than Panther II. It was expected that it could reach or pass 60km/h.

The E-75 was designed to substitute the Tiger II, visually, it would be very similar to the later tiger II with its enlarged schmalturn turret, but it would have reinforced armor, slightly larger schmalturn turret, and could fit both avaliable 10,5cm or 12,8cm AT guns (the second one, being the same type under test for Maus), and unlike Tigers in general, both engine and transmission problems where theorically solved on E-75...

The E-100 was designed to substitute the already under test Pz VIII Maus. It would have the re-designed Maus turret (for Maus II) under a newer hull with spaced side armors, it could carry as main armament one 12,8cm AT gun or an 15cm anti-aircraft gun. With one secondary 8,8cm AT gun.

- There is also fictional vehicles based on this series as E-5, Jadgpanzer E-100, G.W. E-100 (Spg), E-50M, E-75B and some others that exist on other games and simulators but i'd not found good sources for them...
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Re: Entwicklung Series

Post by Puss_in_Boots » Sat Jul 13, 2019 2:35 pm

It sounds like we've already got the unit descriptions right here on the first post.

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