Ageing workers mode

Put here any ideas about new suggested game types comes into your mind.
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Ageing workers mode

Post by godOfKings » Thu Sep 27, 2018 9:04 am

godOfKings wrote:
Sun Sep 02, 2018 7:40 pm

Right now the game is very broken and unrealistic because workers r easy to spam and hard to kill late game. Very few infantries r ever made in late game. Just make 8 workers or 8 laborers and u have 1 catapult every 2 turn.... (The very thought of making catapults in 2 turns makes me feel revolted, repulsive and offence)

My suggestion is an ageing system for workers, basically they retire (leaving effect) after certain turns

Realistically workers r weak and they only work for the money, after they r too old to work they retire and spend rest of their life with family.

In gameplay terms, workers will have leaving effect that lasts 20 turns, laborers will have leaving effect that lasts 16 turns, and the leaving effect cannot b increased by paying money or anything,

its still a long time like half of the entire game, but at least the players won't end up with only workers, sieges and no other people in the entire kingdom,
instead of making it permanent effect, i want it to b a choice for host player, if they feel they might b in tc disadvantage early on bcuz joined player gets first turn, he might set this on and all players' workers will start leaving after the turn limit mentioned above. it wont really remove the disadvantage but at least there is no need to worry about a doomsday clock after which joined player can make endless catapults every single turn... no matter how much cost we increase, it cannot change the fact that eventually it might b possible to have enough workers to finish it in a turn. now the maximum number of workers any player can own will depend on the number of tcs, and will all die eventually unless player makes new workers

it could set as two 'hidden' techs (one for worker, one for laborer) that cannot b built anywhere or seen by any player. the new option in the game setting can automatically research these two techs like how ALL TECHS IN TC can b researched currently, wen the techs are researched, the worker will get a different active leaving effect that cannot b increased by paying money, and lasts 20 turns, while the one for laborer lasts 16 turns
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