Multiplayer - Form Alliances Mid Game

Put here any ideas about new suggested game types comes into your mind.

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Multiplayer - Form Alliances Mid Game

Post by mickmackmike » Sat Dec 02, 2017 1:49 pm

There has been many times when I have been in a 4-6 player game when essentially because one player is going to win the game we then decide to fight against the common enemy.

- It could be done in such a way that all players agree including the one winning the game...
It really does add a new challenge.

In the same way a truce could be applied for a certain number of turns so that your army will not automatically fight that colour.....
It is a pain to turn off 20 items not to kill a friendly each move,,, forget one or two siege in a castle or tower, and suddenly they aren't happy at loosing half there army in range!!!!!!!


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