squad "wolves"

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squad "wolves"

Post by Soviet_volkc » Sun Apr 21, 2019 12:56 am

The very same detachment
A squad of "wolves" differs a lot than, for example, in that it is not infantry that is easy to destroy. Firstly, the detachment was created by Major Wald Volkodav, secondly, their task was to find the enemy’s weak points and, of course, follow further instructions. it goes without saying that they had tasks connected with laying explosives, destroying buildings and finishing off the enemy.
As mentioned earlier, the detachment was created by Major Wald Volkodav, by the way and now he commands but as a separate unit and has long received scars. The detachment was created for his purposes, but only for military action against traitors on the planet Yakura and deserters. But then the squad became more than just something. In one of the searches for deserters on one of the planets, they discovered the hiding places of a completely different enemy. They reported this and defended the point from the enemies who called themselves "Baag", the detachment of Kaarks as it was possible to understand in battle. For this they were given other tasks in which they also differed as brave warriors.
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