Spore storm

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Spore storm

Post by Midonik » Tue Mar 17, 2020 9:14 am

@samuelch's idea, starts as a swarm of spores that can move quickly and in all terrain (maybe also pass through enemies) but can be easily killed, after 3 turns turns into an infantry unit, let's say that basic shroomies for now.

Cost: 3 (kinda hard to figure out the cost for this one as it's rather situational)
Hp: 5
Armor: 0/0/0
Attack and range: 0
Speed and sight: 5 (hover movement)
After 3 turns: grow - transfrom to shroomies

Now that I look at this, this could be, besides infiltration unit, and "scout vehicle". Lack of speed and combat capabilities after 3 turns turns to the most powerful "scout vehicle" of all - an basic infantry unit, outclassing reptilan speeders or human cars by far.
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