snake mecha tank

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snake mecha tank

Post by godOfKings » Fri May 31, 2019 9:37 am

Seeing the snakeman images, I got this idea for a tank that is manned by snake man, requires unlocking snake man first, and may b a second tech to unlock this tank if u want it strong and expensive

This will be large mechanical snake robot, with separate parts joined together that can rotate around (like pokemon onix but more metallic) it has a laser cannon fitted in its mouth

Special, it can dig underground, and directly fire laser in the foundation of buildings dealing huge damage, (It can have stealth or not since it is quite large)

Wen it is above ground it will move much faster, with same damage and bonus as reptilian heavy laser tank, may b range 2

Wen transforms to underground form it will have much higher armor (all three) but will b slower and get higher bonus against buildings, also melee range

It can also have bonus against tanks and rocket launchers, as fires highly intense laser directly from below, while moving underground makes ground below collapse and any unit above would fall and get damage, (so basically low and average bonus to most other ground based units)

It will b weak to bombers and rocket launchers, but gets very low damage from other units while underground, above ground it will have lower armor so could get bonus damage from anti-tank units

So ya this is a late game heavy tank for reptillians
Reason why it is manned by snake man is because it moves like a snake and snake men are experienced enough to know how to utilize it to its full potential
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