MP - no "You are offline note" once you end your turn

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MP - no "You are offline note" once you end your turn

Post by Detros » Fri Jan 06, 2017 7:23 pm

While the game seems to be decently good at checking if there is your turn to play in MP game and shows a note for that, there doesn't seem to be any warning for "You are offline" state. You can go online, update the games, get a note you are supposed to make your turn, go offline, play your turn and end the turn. But then, , even if being offline so there is no way the current state of game can get to other players, the game just happily shows it is the next player's turn.

I think there should be some "You are offline, please activate your net connection so that next player can take their turn.". Or maybe it is there but I just didn't wait long enough.

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