Elf allies upgrades

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Elf allies upgrades

Post by Sunrise Samurai » Sat Oct 14, 2017 11:13 am

Heavier blades:
Cost 3/4/5
Required corresponding level of elf weapon smithing (weapon smithing level 1 for heavier blades level 1, etc.)
Gives +1/2/3 power to all non-elf units elves can create that use weapons​. Currently, this means melee centaurs, but others may be included later.

Elves learn to create heavier weapons for use by their stronger allies, since their usual weapons are too light for anyone else to use effectively.

Mass produced bows
Same stats, but for ranged, meaning ranged centaurs and dryads.

To the elves, a bow is a precious treasure. Each bow is artfully crafted with extreme care, perhaps taking months to create. No such bow would ever find it's way out of elven hands. During wartime, however, elves will produce lesser bows for use by their allied. Despite being lesser quality, these bows are considered a precious gift far superior to any other.

Heavier armor
Same cost as rest, duplicates elf armor upgrades for all humanoid/semi-humanoid allies.

Elf defensive techniques rely on shifting the body to reduce the impact of blows you cannot avoid, so the design of elf armor is a lighter one to allow freedom of movement. Their allies, however, cannot defend themselves like that, and require a more comprehensive defense.

Not the most clever or original​ idea ever, but it solves some of the issue of upgrading dryads and centaurs, while laying a foundation for later allied species. It keeps the elves as the central theme, requiring their upgrades before anything else, while also remaining true to the "upgrades only" theme.
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Re: Elf allies upgrades

Post by Midonik » Sat Oct 14, 2017 11:24 am

Sounds good.
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Re: Elf allies upgrades

Post by Alexander82 » Sat Oct 14, 2017 11:41 am

I disagree with that. It is just a copy of elven techs. What is the point in using the same approach? Also non elven is too general. We should treat them as subraces and define specific tech trees.

I had proposed a tech for centaur/dryads speed bonus (they have a shorter range but compensate by moving faster) or a tech tree that gives bonus to ents.

I think we should provide an approach like adding special actions/effects or specific stat upgrades.

For example i'd propose a tech to increase damage for the melee centaur or to give him trample (pretty valuable for an elven unit).

Mermen have their own tech tree ready and new ideas might be proposed (like new active skills and such).

Let's avoid make everything too plain with the usual +1 damage +1/+1 armor (i'm not saying it is always bad but sometimes it is just redundant).
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