Turn counter seems to be one turn behind

Issues in the game itself, so no crash report but anything that works badly / or other way it should- but without a crash.

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Turn counter seems to be one turn behind

Post by Detros » Sun Jan 01, 2017 8:15 pm

When you check the turn counter at the bottom of ingame Menu it says something like "If you win now: 444 (3/20 turns)".
But this is actually shown during the turn 4. So if 20 turns is the goal for 3 stars here you need to complete the tasks given when this shows "If you win now: 19/20 turns". During the first turn it shows "If you win now: 0/20 turns".

I think this should be changed and it should show the current turn, not the number of passed turns. Or change the "If you win now" to something like "So far: 444 points in 5/20 turns" format.

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